Block Manager


Block Manager AutoCAD Client  v.3 9

The Block Manager software is an AutoCAD utility for cataloging your commonly used parts and components.

Block Manager for AutoCAD  v.2012

A powerful block manager tool of AutoCAD.


APlus  v.8.114

AutoCAD extension for architects with over 600 commands to ease your job. This program contains layer manager, block manager, general tools for architects and many tools for other users of AutoCAD.

Superlib  v.1.0

SuperLib is a drawing & block library manager. It assists to build your own custom library to manage related DWG files and blocks. You can preview DWG files and blocks in library, and open or insert them into AutoCAD. Key Features: 1.

OverCAD Tabs  v.1.00

OverCAD Tabs is a dockable tab based toolbar for managing open AutoCAD documents. 01.Open recent files quickly 02.New template files quickly 03.Auto replace font. First, select a font from menu of "Replace Font Settings" which use to replace the

OverCAD Blocks  v.1 30

OverCAD Blocks allows you to easily organize, manage and use individual images and libraries of commonly used parts and components. 01.Graphical display of your AutoCAD blocks. 02.Quick Find to easily search your blocks by name and|or description.

Toolbox LT  v.2009

In todays competitive environment, the spotlight is on productivity and presentation. Companies need design program that ensures them that vital competitive edge. Toolbox LT is the answer,

OverCAD XPMenu  v.1.10

OverCAD XPMenu allow you to customize your AutoCAD menu color. Making it different.COMMAND 1. "xpmenu" modify menu color 2. "xpmenu_default" restor to the default color 3. "xpmenu_about" show the about dialogOverCAD XPMenu Features: 1. Custome your

OverCAD PDF TO DWG Converter  v.2.05

Import PDF into AutoCAD directly. OverCAD PDF TO DWG Converter allows you convert PDF to DWG. Support PDF line, rectangle, ellipse, round rectangle, line segments, bezier segments, image and text etc.OverCAD PDF TO DWG Converter Features: 1. Convert

Mediaware Task Manager

Mediaware Task Manager 3.5 is a collection of three powerful utilities. Process Explorer supplies detailed information about all applications and processes running on the system, allowing users to easily identify and terminate or even permanently

AutoID Password Manager  v.2.0

autoID Password Manager uses 448 bit encryption and can type login information for you automatically.

CoffeeCup Website Access Manager  v.5.0

CoffeeCup Website Access Manager gives you the tools to choose who gets to access your Website. Protect individual files and folders or your whole site. You can also block bad robots and spammers and redirect bad requests to custom error pages.

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